Welcome to the Perfect Canine Plus Academy!
offering various dog and other pet training services
using positive reinforcement, science based methods
Morgan Hill Dog Training

Our Specialities

Obedience School

Teaching your dog Basic and Advanced Obedience!

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Boarding School

We offer a custom Board and Train plan for your dog!

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Circus School

Fun and interactive. Show off to friends and family!

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Perfect Canine Plus Academy, LLC offers basic and advanced dog training classes in the south Bay Area (Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Jose). We also provide private in-home dog training, boarding, board and train, behavior modification training for dogs with behavior issues, fun trick dog training classes, and even training other species of animals (pigs, chickens, sheep, goats)!

Why Perfect Canine Plus?
“Perfect Canine” came from Diana’s non-profit dog rescue, The Perfect Dog.
“Plus” means “and more”!

Our goals are for the dog and pet parent to develop a positive, understanding, and lasting bond. We believe in transparency and integrity – and that anyone trusted enough to work with you and your dog should fully disclose and explain what they do, why they do it, and the impact it has on your dog. As such, we only uses positive reinforcement training methods that have the most recent scientific backing and the support of animal behaviorists who are well-respected in their field. Our priority is to make sure the dog feels safe and teaches them to choose desired behaviors on their own through the use of positive reinforcement and force free methods, without the use of intimidation, positive punishment (physical, forceful correction), or tools that cause the dog to feel discomfort or pain. Our training methods are not only extremely successful, but are also the most humane.

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