Boarding School

Going on vacation? Does your dog need a place to stay?
We offer boarding services on a case by case basis for $45/night. Your dog will get to socialize with other dogs, have plenty of playtime, and sleep indoors! We are not a kennel, they are part of the household, so your dog will get to be part of the family!

Don’t have the time or skills to train your dog? We offer a 3 week board and train program (on a case by case basis) to teach your dog life skills in the hands of a professional. Cost is $2,500 for a 3 week board and train, which includes teaching your dog basic obedience and manners in real world¬†settings and, if your dog has other behavioral¬†issues, behavior modification.
Note: Most B&T programs use “quick fix”, aversive tools, such as prong and shock/remote collars. We, however, DO NOT! That’s what really sets us apart from others. We only use humane, reward-based methods on your dog to achieve results.

Located in the gorgeous Sierra/Yosemite foothill countryside, outside of Sonora, CA, with access to lakes and mountains!

Email Diana at for either of these services!